Disaster Risk Management

Resilient Communities

Disaster occurrences involve huge loss of lives, economy and resources so it requires external support. In Nepal, floods, landslides and fires are the recurring disasters and affect thousands of lives every year. Epidemics, droughts and avalanches occur frequently and the country is highly vulnerable to the earthquake. The country falls in the top 20th list of the most multi-hazard prone countries in the world. The country is ranked 4th, 11th and 30th in term of climate-change, earthquake and flood risk respectively. Beside natural reasons slow economic development and poverty, widespread ignorance, lack of firm commitments from political sides and poor governance makes the country highly prone to disasters.

Greenhood is initiating different programs for reduction and recovery of disaster loss. Currently the organisation is helping Earthquake victims of Sindhupalchok District by distributing seeds (https://www.facebook.com/Seedtofeed.Org). Now we are on the second phase of seed distribution. Other activities carried are raising awareness to publics, conducting workshops, educating children, providing trainings, and carry on researches on different issues. We are planning to work on different phases of disaster throughout the country.