Roundtable on Pangolin Conservation Challenge in Nepal

The roundtable discussion is an opportunity for the participants to get together in an informal setting to examine the issues as they relate to their specific field. There is no formal agenda, but there are specific points for the discussion. A roundtable meeting was held in Kathmandu on February 21, 2015 on "Pangolin Conservation Challenge in Nepal" on the occasion of World Pangolin Day 2015. This was the first roundtable on pangolin conservation convened by Greenhood Nepal with the participation of various lead organizations of the country based on wildlife and environment. The purpose of the first roundtable was to present the Guidelines, share regional experiences and obtain recommendations on effective ways to face the pangolin conservation challenge in Nepal. The meeting brought together representatives of Ministry of soil and forest conservation, Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation, World Wildlife Fund, National Team for Nature Conservation, educational institutions and students. This report provides a summary of the discussions at the Kathmandu meeting and the recommendations emerging from the table discussion. More specifically, the goals for the roundtable were twofold: 
•    To bring together representatives from government, conservation based organizations, students, conservationists, researchers to highlight the works and       challenges in pangolin conservation, with a specific focus on the impact of illegal wildlife trade, and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.  
•    To hold an initial dialogue to develop a comprehensive follow-up plan with identified benchmarks for long-term monitoring that works in the pangolin conservation in Nepal.
This report represents a summary of the discussions over the whole days and is structured to reflect the agenda.